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We have recently completed a swap deal with the lovely and very talented Mimilove. If you haven’t checked her stuff out before check her flickr here and her most amusing blog here. We didn’t give her much to go on for hers but she did her research and came up with this lovely piece which references a few of our favourite things, namely graffiti, the Isle of Man (where we are from) and Manx cats:

Keeping a general cat theme to the whole thing we then managed to come up with this by way of response. Apparently ‘An Army of Mimi’ has been well received so i’m calling that a good swap – everybody’s happy! The picture doesn’t really do justice to the glitter we put on the heart though:


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id-iom vs Roa

 Last year we did a big piece on a wall on Chance Street in the East End of London. The video below shows the piece going up. It was the biggest piece we had done up till then and was certainly slightly daunting. As it turned out it was a beautiful day and we had a great time doing it. we even managed a round of applause from people passing by when we had finished.

Our piece remained in place for a few weeks before Roa did a fantastic piece over it. He apologised when we caught up to him at his exhibition but, of course, there was no need as that is just how these things roll. I was surprised it lasted as long as it had done anyway… here is the video of his piece going up.

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