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Come here often?

It’s taken a little while to polish but we’ve finally got a little gem of a video from our last show at Metro in Clapham (many thanks to my homeboy Paul for giving us a huge assist with this). I’m really enjoying trying to figure how to get a good video out of work that we do and I reckon we’ve done a good job here, if i do say so myself. I’d be happy to hear anyone else’s thoughts…




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They Came From Vancouver

This was a commission piece done on completion of our patented id-iom questionnaire. It’s always fun doing the questionnaire based commissions as you have to come up with a great idea based solely on their responses of the applicant. The more information they give you the better the piece will be (probably!)

This one is on a 1m x 1m canvas and although looks like it’s stencilled is actually painted using acrylics. As the person who commissioned this piece was from Vancouver we thought that a good place to start (the skyline is the Vancouver skyline). Once you get a good idea you just have to roll with it and hope the client likes it. Thankfully they did in this case so it was all good.



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