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White Horse – Round 3…

We have already been down to one of our local pubs – The White Horse – a couple of times over the past year or two to do some work in there (both have already been covered. Round 1 here and Round 2 here.) After hitting the gents toilet last time we moved onto the ladies this time. I was surprised at the fact that the girls toilets had a lot more graffiti on them and also their graffiti was much more offensive than the meagre amount in the gents. Who would ever have guessed ladies could be quite so crude and rude… Working in such a  confined space as a toilet with very little ventilation certainly leads the air to be thick with all kinds of CFC badness. At least i remembered the mask this time. As we gave the gents a naked horse lady we thought we’d give the girls a little something too – so they got the muscle bound horse man! On the other door we had someone falling out of the sky.

We also revisited a table which we first painted in late 2008 as a chess table – see here. This time it was given a robot disco makeover! Once we’d added the opening times outside and a little paste up in the foyer about the football being on there we were all done and dusted.





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Pimp My Art

We will shortly be releasing some prints with Pimp Artworks ( so we had to come up with some images that will be released as (relatively) large format prints. We will have some images of the pieces on here in due course but thought you may like to see the interview they conducted with us for their blog. You can check it out here.



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Brand New Music

We were asked to do a triptych of 1m x 1m canvases for the launch night for a new company ( that was putting on a night of new British talent at the Gramaphone Bar in London’s East End. My main headache was actually putting the canvases up as the wall was curved and was also seemingly constructed of solid rock behind a thin veneer of plaster – and my pound-shop nails would penentrate only as far as the plaster before bending entirely out of shape. Needless to say that when i did have the canvases put up they weren’t as sturdily installed as one would usually hope in this situation…

As it was indoors we couldn’t use spraypaint and when this was combined with the fact that we’d have about an hour on the night to work on the canvases and the fact that it was my birthday the next day (and I would therefore be looking to have a celebratory tipple or two) it seemed like a good idea to leave as little work to do on the night as possible so we got them all finished up apart from the lettering and then finished that on the evening. I can’t exactly remember the end of the night although I do remember having a good time…

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Upfest 2010

We will be heading to Upfest a spray painting festival in Bristol to do some painting on the 5th and 6th of June. If you can make it down, do, as it is a good day out. There will artists, a secret wars battle, break dancers, beatboxers, dj’s and a load more stuff besides. Check the flyer below:

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Celebrity Eggs

I realise it’s a little late for Easter but it’s never too late for chocolate… We were asked if we could somehow paint some celebrity heads onto some huge (1kg) dark chocolate eggs. The eggs were for Thorntons and were to be auctioned off for the children’s charity Barnado’s. Other eggs were also be to be designed for the auction including one from fashion designer Henry Holland, celebrity tattooist Louis Molloy (who recreated two of the most popular designs available at his Manchester-based tattoo parlour – swallows and bluebirds) and patissier Eric Lanlard, cake-maker to the stars (who created an egg lavishly decorated with gold leaf and sugar crystal pieces).

The eggs were to remain edible so we had to work out exactly we were going to do this as we obviously couldn’t use our usual choice of paints. After hitting a specialist cake production shop (I didn’t even know that such places existed!) to pick up various edible inks, paints and bits & pieces we set to work. After many, many failed attempts (it was something of a sharp learning curve) we came up with what we thought was a foolproof plan. We would use rolled out marzipan to apply the stencil straight (as it was impossible to attach the stencil directly to the egg due to the shape of the egg) and then apply it to the egg along with some extra decoration. These were then dutifully sent off to be photographed and below is what we came up with:

Unfortunately the client then got back with the fact that they didn’t like them and could we possibly rework them so we were working directly onto the egg. D’oh! Back to the drawing board… With time running very short we got hold of some white eggs (so the black of the faces would work properly) and then had to paint the images directly on. Unfortunately trying to paint with chocolate just wasn’t working and we were running dangerously low of time and white chocolate eggs so we eventually had to resort to using brown acrylic paint (which obviously meant the eggs would not be edible) This whole process resulted in somewhat shoddier images (the Prince Harry one at the back is particularly so) but the client was happy with them once they’d been to the photographer:

The interweb seemed to like them too and before we knew it they were all over the place. If only we could replicate that kind of attention all the time…

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Tarquin the Gay Unicorn

We got Tarquin from our local pub in Brixton and were asked to jazz him up a little as he was looking slightly sad and forlorn on the spirits shelft next to a half empty bottle of Midori. We took him back to the lab and one operation later we have the sparkled magnificence of Tarquin the Gay Unicorn. I think it was all bottled up inside but he’s back on track now. He will look resplendent now when he once again adorns the spirit shelf. He even has glitter and glow in the dark on him! Oh yeah, he’s magical now…

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Evil Ice knows what you are thinking

A little experiment with LED’s had us come up with the awesome power of Evil Ice. We got a couple of red LED’s and batteries, cut some small holes in the piece so the LED contacts could go through the eyes then taped them onto the batteries on the back. Once you’ve taped it up securely (to prevent any paste shorting the connection) it’s time to hit the street. We just had to ensure that we were relatively careful where we put the paste and it was easy to put up. The batteries would have lasted about a week but the paste up eventually only last a few days. Oh well, c’est la vie…





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The Naughty Step

We made an appearance at last year’s Boardmasters festival in Newquay to do a bit of painting. After working all day on the Saturday we naturally went for a couple of beers and one thing led to another and before we knew it i was doing some ‘unauthorised’ painting around the festival site. When we made an appearance the next day we were told in no uncertain terms that it was blatantly us that had done it (which, in our hungover state, we weakly denied) and that such behaviour was out of order if we ever wished to return.It was this act of being put on the naughty step which inspired the picture below.

Whilst i was certainly feeling a little guilty I also thought it was a risk you were running by asking a load of artists to turn up and then not expect the odd thing to get a new coat of paint… Oh well, i’ll try a little harder to behave myself next time.

Not to end on a bad note i do have to say the festival was a top notch weekend! We made some new friends, the weather was gorgeous and it was nice to see Newquay. Maybe we’ll get the chance to go again this year (then again maybe not!)…



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