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Brand New Music

We were asked to do a triptych of 1m x 1m canvases for the launch night for a new company (http://wearebrandnewmusic.co.uk) that was putting on a night of new British talent at the Gramaphone Bar in London’s East End. My main headache was actually putting the canvases up as the wall was curved and was also seemingly constructed of solid rock behind a thin veneer of plaster – and my pound-shop nails would penentrate only as far as the plaster before bending entirely out of shape. Needless to say that when i did have the canvases put up they weren’t as sturdily installed as one would usually hope in this situation…

As it was indoors we couldn’t use spraypaint and when this was combined with the fact that we’d have about an hour on the night to work on the canvases and the fact that it was my birthday the next day (and I would therefore be looking to have a celebratory tipple or two) it seemed like a good idea to leave as little work to do on the night as possible so we got them all finished up apart from the lettering and then finished that on the evening. I can’t exactly remember the end of the night although I do remember having a good time…


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