White Horse – Round 3…

We have already been down to one of our local pubs – The White Horse – a couple of times over the past year or two to do some work in there (both have already been covered. Round 1 here and Round 2 here.) After hitting the gents toilet last time we moved onto the ladies this time. I was surprised at the fact that the girls toilets had a lot more graffiti on them and also their graffiti was much more offensive than the meagre amount in the gents. Who would ever have guessed ladies could be quite so crude and rude… Working in such a  confined space as a toilet with very little ventilation certainly leads the air to be thick with all kinds of CFC badness. At least i remembered the mask this time. As we gave the gents a naked horse lady we thought we’d give the girls a little something too – so they got the muscle bound horse man! On the other door we had someone falling out of the sky.

We also revisited a table which we first painted in late 2008 as a chess table – see here. This time it was given a robot disco makeover! Once we’d added the opening times outside and a little paste up in the foyer about the football being on there we were all done and dusted.





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