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Glasto here we come…

We’ve been hard at work in the lab coming up with some bits and pieces for Glastonbury (and i’m beginning to get a little excited now!) We are off tomorrow morning and have just about got everything sorted (for once). As i didn’t want to spoil the surprise i thought a couple of teaser shots would be in order.

Hopefully the next you will see of them will be at Glastonbury! Bring on Stevie Wonder!




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Pretty Boy! – Mimilove x id-iom – supercharged collaboration canvas!

We have just got our grubby mitts back on the collaboration piece we sent off to Mimilove a short while ago and it’s looking sweet! We started off with a nice new wallpaper stencil then added the face holding his eyes. Then it was carefully packaged up and sent off to Mimi for some further TLC. Then there was a nervous wait to see what she would pull out of the bag to sort it out. But not to worry she has embroidered it up and hit it with some budgerigars. Now who’s a pretty boy?

You can check out Mimi’s website here.

For sale – please let us know if you are interested.



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Evil Nazi Zombie My Little Pony hits town…

Have you ever wondered what happens to old toys once they have been used and discarded. Well, some of those toys fall between the cracks and end up on the wrong path. Here we have some of yesteryear’s My Little Pony’s back to dispense some justice for being discarded and forgotten so quickly. Watch out…



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id-iom England shirt (sort of…)

One of our local pubs asked if we could come up with a design for a t-shirt for their staff to wear during the upcoming World Cup. Despite the fact that we aren’t actually English we thought it only fair to come up with a design. The logo on the back is an adapted version of the World Cup logo which, obviously, features a white horse.

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No colour above plimsoll line – UPfest 2010

We have just got back from UPfest 2010 in Bristol and had a great time again this year. The weather was better, there were more people and the beer was flowing.

We had been busy with other things in the run up so didn’t have as much time as we would have liked for preparation. Truth be told we had a sub-standard design ready on Wednesday and then decided we really needed to come up with something else that we were both happy with. After shooting down just about as many ideas as we could come up with and become trapped with decision paralysis we finally managed to come up with the bare bones of an idea late on Wednesday evening…

After doing a little research on Bristol we came up with the fact that the Samuell Plimsoll who invented the Plimsoll Mark (which was designed to show the limit to which a ship could be loaded) was from Bristol. Hey Presto! – an idea formed and we’d have a plimsoll line above which no colour would be applied to the wall. The rest would consist of the most colourful background we could come up with, a fake CCTV screwed to the wall (which moved and had a red flashing light but was the bane of my life on the day as it obviously had a loose connection and you had to keep fiddling with it to get it moving!) and a big stencil of a slightly imperious looking siamese cat. The finishing touch would be a stencil of a miniature version of us applying our name stencil to the piece. We started out pretty promptly around 11ish with discobag playing to keep us amused. It was definitely nice to catch up with people and put some new faces to names. The road had to be cleared by 7pm so we finished for about then. All in all a great day out. We then followed up with some drinking, chit-chat and general tomfoolery before heading to the after-party bar for a final few drinks. Perhaps predictably we were the last on the dancefloor…

Below are the in-progress shots and a picture of the final piece. It’s definitely best viewed large and if you want to do that they are on our flickr here

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Tables @ The Miller

We were asked if we would paint up three tables at The Miller pub in Borough. After (wisely i thought) checking the weather we went down on Friday and it was just perfect spraypainting weather. We did one in the style of a games table for the internationally renowned game of Shithead. To make it sound a little more sophisticated we decided to translate it to ‘Merde D’Tete’. Hopefully it’s the right translation…As there are many different variations of the game i thought i had better include some reference to that so the text on the side of the table reads ‘Local rule variations are allowed but must be agreed in advance by all players’

Next up we did one called ‘My, my, he got laser eyes’ which i think is particularly handsome (even if it is based on my own head…)

And last but not least we did one featuring the name of the pub as we hadn’t really used it yet. I give you – ‘Shout it out’:

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Large prints available at Pimp Artworks

Our prints are now available through the Pimp Artworks website ( All the prints are on sale for £60 and are limited to 30 pieces for each print.  The first is ‘Where’s the Weekend?’ and is printed on 25 x 25  inch paper:

We also have ‘Insert Self Here’. This one is 28 x 30 inches:
Then there’s ‘Martin the Space Cadet’ printed on 40 x 24 inch paper:
And finally we have ‘Love is like…’ which is on 40 x 20 inch paper:

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