Tables @ The Miller

We were asked if we would paint up three tables at The Miller pub in Borough. After (wisely i thought) checking the weather we went down on Friday and it was just perfect spraypainting weather. We did one in the style of a games table for the internationally renowned game of Shithead. To make it sound a little more sophisticated we decided to translate it to ‘Merde D’Tete’. Hopefully it’s the right translation…As there are many different variations of the game i thought i had better include some reference to that so the text on the side of the table reads ‘Local rule variations are allowed but must be agreed in advance by all players’

Next up we did one called ‘My, my, he got laser eyes’ which i think is particularly handsome (even if it is based on my own head…)

And last but not least we did one featuring the name of the pub as we hadn’t really used it yet. I give you – ‘Shout it out’:


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  1. Actually, it’s “Tête de merde” !!

    You wrote “Merde d’tete” which is “head’s shit”, meaningless.

    “Tête de merde” is the litteral translation, understandable but rarely used – we often use “chieur” or “fouteur de merde” (a real pain in the *ss) or “trou du cul” (*sshole).

    I tried to look for the name of that game in French but failed. So “Tête de merde” it is !!!