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My favourite celebrity quotes… Part 1

We had a lot of fun doing these last year and getting them out on the street. After i’d come across a couple of fantastically ridiculous celebrity quotes I realised what an untapped goldmine of stupid things have been said by your average C-lister (or, indeed, A-lister!) ┬áSome of them really do come out with the most incredibly ill advised things.

Doing a series of them became so easy it was unavoidable. After we’d created them we waited for a nice day and then went to disperse them around London town.

More to follow at some later date…



Oliver Reed

On street – Old Blue Last, East End

Elton John

On street – Electricity box, Soho

Marilyn Manson

On street – in Camden. I’m not quite sure where (and also apologise for the low quality photo) as we were a little drunk by this point…

David Beckham (we completely failed to get a shot of this one on the street – although it was somewhere in the East End)



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