The Talented Dreamer

The Talented Dreamer was something of an odd commission because we had to come up with a picture based on a poem that was written for/about the commissioner whilst he was still at school many years ago (although it is still very fitting).

After ‘leaving it on the backburner for a while’ (i.e. not knowing what on earth i was going to do for this picture) I finally managed to come up with the design seen below featuring the full text of the poem. After getting it back from the framer there was the nervous moment of handing it over but thankfully it seemed to go down well and (as far as i’m aware) hangs in pride of place in his bedroom.

The Talented Dreamer by Michael A Miles

“He knew of all the things he could do

The wonderful, wonderful things he could do

His mind was filled with pictures too

Of all the wonderful things he could do

A jack of all trades and master of none

He never quite managed to get anything done

But there’s one thing he does with consummate ease

He does it so well it’s simply a breeze

He’s a truly great master of this it seems

With the wonderful talent of wonderful dreams”

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