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You can trust me. I’m a police officer…

Having just read the oh-so-scandalous¬†news that the policeman who pushed over Ian Tomlinson during the G20 riots will not face charges over his death I thought it a good time to put forward a couple of bits of our work which reflect my current feelings on the matter. The fact that he is an ‘elite‘ officer apparently trained for public order containment should surely stand for something but obviously not. No wonder this hardly makes me feel safer…



Opaque ID tape (front)

Opaque ID tape (back)

For Police Use Only



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QR codes

Whilst out and about I have also managed to get a few of our QR codes up. I can’t actually remember what each of the QR codes says or is linked to so i suppose you’ll have to get a QR code reader for your phone if you want to find out…

I have got some good ideas for further incarnations of these codes so hopefully there’ll be more to see soon.



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I can’t believe Batman…

There has been some debate over the years regarding homosexuality in the Batman books since Frederick Wertham’s 1954 book ‘Seduction of the Innocent’ which argued that ‘Batman stories are psychologically homosexual’ and that comics in general were a pernicious and dangerous form of entertainment that could turn children into juvenile delinquents. Now, i’m not weighing in on that debate but thought a little homage to the whole issue and particularly the camp Batman & Robin i remember from my childhood was probably in order…



Title: I can’t believe Batman…
Media: Handcut stencils, spraypaint, paint pen and photo print in found frame
Size: 35 x 45cm

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