You can trust me. I’m a police officer…

Having just read the oh-so-scandalous news that the policeman who pushed over Ian Tomlinson during the G20 riots will not face charges over his death I thought it a good time to put forward a couple of bits of our work which reflect my current feelings on the matter. The fact that he is an ‘elite‘ officer apparently trained for public order containment should surely stand for something but obviously not. No wonder this hardly makes me feel safer…



Opaque ID tape (front)

Opaque ID tape (back)

For Police Use Only



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2 responses to “You can trust me. I’m a police officer…

  1. Peter Reynolds

    This is a monstrous decision. How can anyone, ever again have any faith in our system of justice? There can be no question but that Keir Starmer must go. He has failed miserably to see beyond the minutiae and detail to the bigger and more important picture. He has failed all of us, each and every individual citizen of this country. Whatever it takes, be it a special Act of Parliament, he must be removed from office and PC Simon Harwood, thug, brute and murderer of Ian Tomlinson must be brought to justice.

  2. Luke

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