Let it ride!

The ‘Let It Ride’ table was perhaps one of my favourite commissions. It is named after an 80’s comedy featuring Richard Dreyfuss ( it only gets a 6.3 on IMDB but is well worth a watch!) Below is the completed questionnaire that we had to work with when coming up with this piece:

After absorbing the info in the questionnaire and a further conversation with the client we came up with the idea of the artwork being a playable (albeit almost impossible) board game which we would paint on canvas and then have set into a specially made table.  Once we had the initial idea nailed it was all downhill from there. It was basically to be a twisted id-iom version of the Game of Life…

We got in touch with a friend who works with wood and got him to create a table for us that we could set the 1m x 1m canvas into. Once that was underway we got on with the design. This is the digital version of what we came up with:

From there it was just a matter of painting the canvas up. Once we had finished and got our table delivered we had a brand new piece of art/furniture that i just knew the client was going to love…


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