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George Michael Skunk blend #3

I like George Michael. He makes me laugh. Why on earth he doesn’t just get himself a driver/chauffeur i’ll never know. If you follow the link here and scroll down to the bit where it says ‘Drugs’ you will get a quick precis of his arrests over the past few years. Now i’m not saying that he shouldn’t be able to smoke what he wants but why on earth he insists on crashing into just about everything on his way home i’m still not sure.

I liked this one so much we have even got it framed up in a nice little box frame (and it’s still for sale if anyone’s interested!)

Sometimes it’s just too easy to mock troubled celebrities…



in-situ in shop

Detail shot of packaging

Title: Careless Whisper Skunk Blend #3 (pack detail)
Media: Mixed Media

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Suffer every scream…

Just got this one finished up and thought you may like to see the original photograph that our picture is based upon. I’m not entirely where the inspiration for this one came from other than that our friend in the red hat has a slightly malevolent look in his ¬†eyes ¬†whilst our friend in the foreground looks slightly downcast at the thought of whatever was coming next. Anyway, make of it what you will…



original photo

id-iom piece

Title: Suffer every scream young angel
Media: Acrylic, paint pen and spraypaint
Size: A2 high quality paper

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