readin’ and ritin’

There isn’t much I can offer in explanation of the motivation behind this piece other than we found a piece of paper containing the words in our house after a night’s partying. I couldn’t begin to explain exactly what the writing is about other than i’m sure it ties into some drunken conversation we will have been having and i quite like it…



Title: Eyaa Chris
Media: Spraypaint and paint pen
Size: A2


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3 responses to “readin’ and ritin’

  1. Kirsty

    I was having a foray into the world of left-handedness (as usually demonstrated by Master C. Ellis). Apologies if this detracts somewhat from the mysterious circumstances surrounding this discovery…

  2. Not at all and might i add you have mighty fine south paw writing. Much better than Master C. Ellis i can tell you.

  3. Chris

    Oi, I heard that!