Blast from the past – Big Draw 2008

Whilst having a quick look through our flickr page I came across some photo’s from when we first did The Big Draw back in 2008. It was held in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust and UCL and we were asked to work on the street (which was closed for the day) which linked the sites as there was all sorts going on in both the UCL campus and the Wellcome Trust building. We came up with a few different ideas and set to work.

As we were working with both UCL and the Wellcome Trust we thought it best to come up with some images related to both – so we came up with load of stencils of famous scientists and UCL alumni. Once these had been sprayed on the street we let people abuse them with chalk. One of the funniest points in the day was when i was explaining that we were using ‘temporary’ spraypaint in order to paint on the street. Honestly, what did they expect when they employed a couple of jokers like us. Ha!

Gandhi – UCL alumnus

Rontgen (discoverer of X-rays) with a comedy woman’s body!- Big Draw 2008

Einstein ‘Good morning’ – The Big Draw 2008

Along with making a mess of the pavement we also let anyone who was interested get involved. We had a school party along at one point who stayed with us for over an hour asking question after question. They all seemed fairly happy with the CFC’s though…

As the street had been closed off for the day we also had a couple of ‘found’ street signs that we had doctored in order to entice people down our street:

All going well i hope?

Will work for peanuts (although it’s difficult to read on such a small pic!)

And last but not least we had our piece entitled Napoleon’s toothbrush which was based on one of the pieces in the Wellcome Collection. Henry Wellcome was something of a collector/hoarder of things and amongst other things he picked up during his life was Napoleon’s toothbrush (he also had – amongst a truly gargantuan collection – Darwin’s walking stick, Florence Nightingale’s moccasins, Japanese sex aids, Peruvian mummies and a hoarde of antique glass eyes). We got some members of the public to give us a hand with the background then whacked the stencil on towards the end of the day. We then gave it to UCL to do as they would with. God only knows where it is now…

Napoleon’s toothbrush

All in all we had a great time at The Big Draw. And they even invited us back the next year! We were hoping to get involved again this year but we haven’t found any budget for our street art masterclass as yet… Watch this space!




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