id-iom v Arsenal video (at last!)

Outside the Emirates Stadium.

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As avid readers of our blog will know we have already covered our work up at Emirates Stadium for Arsenal(see here) but i have finally managed to create a short video of the Centrepoint logo we were commissioned to produce.

After so many failed attempts to turn our raw footage into an edited video that it is completely laughable i have finally managed to produce one very sub-standard video for your viewing pleasure. I realise that it’s probably not the most fantastic bit of video you have ever seen but i think i’m finally getting the hang of the video editing software we’ve got. It takes ages to crunch the HD video we shot and hopefully my next attempt will be somewhat jazzier although only time will tell. I should have proabably cut some of the footage out but that will have to wait until i’ve mastered the trim function – which could well take some time so you’ll have to bear with me…




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