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Love stained

Another day, another vampire picture… There i was thinking i’d got the Twilight/vampire inspired pieces all done and dusted and then i have to go and pull this little number out. Hopefully this will be the last one but sometimes you can only do what you muse tells you to. I think i really need to get out and do some damage to a wall somewhere now…

At least i’m happy with the results of a couple of new effects which i tried out on this one.



Title: Love stained

Media: Acrylic, spray paint ink, charcoal and paint pen

Size: A2


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Dead flock lover

No, nothing to do with a necrophiliac wallpaper admirer but some kind of unconscious reaction to the Twilight saga. As it goes, my brother’s lovely ladyfriend had just been reading the Twilight trilogy and i think this had somehow permeated my sub-conscious and then finally re-appeared as this little number after some form of mental processing. Sometimes I think my brain just works on automatic a lot of the time so it’s often difficult to separate out conscious and sub-conscious factors in the creation of new work – not that i try to separate them out very often you understand but sometimes i do have to wonder…

My final flourish was a bit of glitter just to give it that extra bit of sparkle. I’m sure vampires everywhere would approve (particularly the more sensitive and effeminate ones we seem to be seeing more of these days)…



Title: Dead flock lover

Media: Acrylic, spray paint ink, newspaper, glitter, charcoal and paint pen

Size: A2

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I Love Mann

I miss home sometimes so I thought i’d commemorate this with a quick hit which we pulled out whilst we were there last time. This is a little play on the words ‘Isle of Man‘ (also the island is referred to as “Mann” when “Isle of” is left out). We’ll be back for Christmas in the relatively near future and hope to get some new pieces up when we do so. Watch this space…



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Feeling flush?

As i have undoubtedly mentioned before it is sometimes very difficult trying to explain where inspiration for any particular piece comes from. This piece is probably a perfectly good example of that. All i can really tell you is what i know – and that is that it’s a picture of a man wearing knickers, suspenders and high heels who is aiming a gun somewhere off page. That’s about as much as i can readily explain about it. The rest i leave up to you. Make of it what you will…




Title: Do you feel flush?

Media: Acrylic, ink, newspaper and paint pen

Size: A2

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Sunday afternoon TV

I’m sure we’ve all felt a little down sometimes but this fella is feeling it pretty bad. It’s Sunday afternoon, he’s pining for a lost love and the world doesn’t seem to care. At least he’s happy for the time being…

This is one of my favourite pieces that we’ve done and i know exactly what it is that sells it to me… It’s the little blobs of dried and shiny acrylic paint that have been affixed to the piece. I especially like the fact that it’s all black and white apart from the little bubble he is sat in where he’s constructing his own little bright future (although reality is not quite so bright – and even the TV knows it!) This is currently in the UPfest gallery in Bristol and is busy waiting for a new owner to take it home to give it the requisite care and attention it needs. Get yourself down there and have a look in person…



Title: Sunday Afternoon TV

Media: Acrylic, spraypaint and marker pen

Size: 24″ x 24″ deep edge canvas

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When hummingbirds fall in love

We had already done a version of this for a client in New York who contacted us asking for another one as they’d had to give the last one away to pay for an emergency plumber! Apparently when the plumber came round he was smitten by the piece and kept looking at it and rather than ask for any money for sorting out the flooding issue he’d been called in for he asked if he could have the picture as payment. As the flooding was apparently quite severe (and he would have cost an absolute fortune) it was agreed to give him the framed version of this in payment for his services. A call was then put in to us as the piece was sorely missed and we were asked if we could come up with a replacement. A couple of weeks later and we now have the final product ready to ship out. If only all problems were so easily solved.

Anyway, who would have guessed that plumbers were interested in the love lives of hummingbirds?




Title: When Hummingbirds Fall in Love

Media: handcut stencils and spraypaint

Size: 100 x 40cm on thick watercolour paper

SOLD – Commission

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Relentless (in the pursuit of pleasure)

Hedonism: devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses. This was pretty much our inspiration for this piece that we got done a while back. This was a 1m x 1m commission that we completed for a client who works in the music industry. After he completed our questionnaire it was pretty much the only way forward. One of my favourite touches is the big pile of glitter the fella is about to snort…




Title: Relentless

Media: Acrylics, marker pen & glitter

Size: 1m x 1m

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Space invaders stole my cow!

UFO’s. We’ve all seen one (haven’t we?) We know they can make crop circles, traverse the skies at lightning speeds and steal both humans and livestock to experiment on… Well, we now have proof (of sorts!)

We don’t really get into the centre of London all that often so i was quite surprised when i came across a large Space Invader piece (as they usually tend to be quite small) on the side of a car park just off New Oxford street. It didn’t take too long for inspiration to strike and so once we’d come up with a suitable design we headed back down to complete our nefarious plan. I was quite surprised that this idea hadn’t been done before by somebody – but after a little bit of intenet research it would appear that it hasn’t…

Looking back we could probably have done it a bit quicker if we’d actually worked out a proper plan beforehand but i suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway if you see Invader tell him i want my cow back…



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We were invited down to Freeze festival to paint some big boards up for the UPfest folks. After managing to have a fairly quiet Friday evening we got ourselves down to the site, in the shadow of Battersea power station, in surprisingly good time and in surprisingly good weather. After hitting our boards up with some cool blue masonry paint we set to work although didn’t really realise how long the paint would take to dry fully -d’oh! So after waiting a while longer and enjoying the banging tunes being laid on by UPfest in our little corner of the festival we set to work again with, by now, largely dry boards.

After wrestling with our big stencils (and hoping that the impending rain clouds would disappear – which they did) we finally managed to get it put up on the wall and by mid afternoon had (along with Asone, SPQR and Ian Phenna) we had attracted quite an audience for our little spot of painting. In fact there were so many people that i turned round at one point and was quite shocked by how there were staring at us that had fitted into the fairly small space.

Anyway, as you can see from the pics below (video to follow at some point soon hopefully) we went for a snow themed picture to keep in with the general Freeze vibe. All in all we had a good day and even managed to get finished up fairly quickly so we could enjoy a look around the site. Some of the jumps and tricks being pulled out on the big slope were very impressive and all the people seemed to be enjoying themselves.





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