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Happy New Year Dear! It’s a…

Say what you see…


It’s a Swedish Love Pump! Okay, well she doesn’t looks Swedish i’ll give you that but trust me she is.

I also really liked this shot with the ‘Love is a word’ writing that was already on the wall as i thought it fitted in nicely with Swedish Love Pump…

Happy New Year! See you in 2011…





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Jealousy – 5 months on…

Just thought we’d get our last couple of bits out so we could start afresh in 2011. We did ‘Jealousy‘ in late summer and revisited it at Christmas and i really liked the way it looks like it’s aging so thought we’d put up a graffiti archaeology shot. Hopefully it will be looking more decrepit next time we get to visit.



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Don’t sweat it.

A kind of subtle anti-Nike advert. How very Christmas… We were asked to do a trainer themed commission for a Christmas gift. I wasn’t initially very enamoured with effectively doing a Nike advert but I thought there must be something we could do to give it that little id-iom twist. The brief was very specific and had to feature the Nike Air Max 90 Infrared. Beyond that we could exactly what we wanted. It is a brief which doesn’t have too much leeway but we thought we’d give it a go all the same.

After a good few failed attempts (which all just looked like real Nike adverts) we came up with an anti-advert. We took their famous ‘Just do it.’ slogan and give a little reference to the claims of using sweatshops that have plagued Nike over the years. ‘Don’t sweat it.’ The advertising people couldn’t come up with better if i do say so myself. Like i said, very Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.



Title: Don’t sweat it.

Media: Handcut stencils, acrylic, paint pen, ink & spraypaint

Size: A3 watercolour paper

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White Horse – Round 4!

We were asked down our local pub – The White Horse – in Brixton to do some more work for them. This time we had to work in the foyer and outside. We had a little less leeway than other times (see here for Round 3, here for Round 2, here for Round 1) as he wanted something in the foyer that said something along the lines of ‘keep it down when outside’ on one side and ‘Volume can be high on the weekend’ on the other side. We set to work and came up with a visual to go with the text which was a large arrow pointing to a volume control. This was set to ‘1’ on the ‘keep it down when outside’ one and ‘turned all the way up to 11‘ on the ‘volume can be high on the weekend one’. Then we had to come up with a little something to cover some of the blocks on the outside so decided to keep it simple with our modified White Horse logo and a white merry-go-round horse. From there it was a simple job of adding the opening hours outside the door. At leas we managed to keep this visit a little less drunken than our previous trip though…



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Nobody understands me!

I was sat there just minding my own business and having a look through some bits and pieces left on the side in our ‘studio’ (note use of inverted commas!) when i came across an unused R2D2 stencil that was done in advance of our recent Star Wars commission but not used for the final piece. Now, as i had spent the time in creating and cutting the stencil I thought it damned lazy that I hadn’t used it so set about rectifying that mistake as quickly as possible (it was also because we hadn’t got anything on our flickr for a little while).

‘Nobody understands me!’ is the result of that decision and whilst not perfect (but then what is?) I’ve got to say i’m quite happy with the end result (the shadow underneath is probably my main bone of contention). I wasn’t really sure how to give it that little id-iom twist until I thought about how the astromech droids (artoo units to you and me) communicate in their odd little combination of clicks and whistles which, despite the fact that most people in the Star Wars films seem to understand them, are generally unintelligible – and nobody ever speaks back to them in this language (which seems like bad robot design now i think about it!) So then i had a small flash of inspiration – I would have the robot thinking ‘Why does nobody understand me?’ in a completely unreadable text.

Hey presto! Job done. I hope you like.



Title: Nobody understands me

Media: Spray paint and paint pen

Size: A2

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