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White Horse – Round 4!

We were asked down our local pub – The White Horse – in Brixton to do some more work for them. This time we had to work in the foyer and outside. We had a little less leeway than other times (see here for Round 3, here for Round 2, here for Round 1) as he wanted something in the foyer that said something along the lines of ‘keep it down when outside’ on one side and ‘Volume can be high on the weekend’ on the other side. We set to work and came up with a visual to go with the text which was a large arrow pointing to a volume control. This was set to ‘1’ on the ‘keep it down when outside’ one and ‘turned all the way up to 11‘ on the ‘volume can be high on the weekend one’. Then we had to come up with a little something to cover some of the blocks on the outside so decided to keep it simple with our modified White Horse logo and a white merry-go-round horse. From there it was a simple job of adding the opening hours outside the door. At leas we managed to keep this visit a little less drunken than our previous trip though…




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