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Don’t sweat it.

A kind of subtle anti-Nike advert. How very Christmas… We were asked to do a trainer themed commission for a Christmas gift. I wasn’t initially very enamoured with effectively doing a Nike advert but I thought there must be something we could do to give it that little id-iom twist. The brief was very specific and had to feature the Nike Air Max 90 Infrared. Beyond that we could exactly what we wanted. It is a brief which doesn’t have too much leeway but we thought we’d give it a go all the same.

After a good few failed attempts (which all just looked like real Nike adverts) we came up with an anti-advert. We took their famous ‘Just do it.’ slogan and give a little reference to the claims of using sweatshops that have plagued Nike over the years. ‘Don’t sweat it.’ The advertising people couldn’t come up with better if i do say so myself. Like i said, very Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.



Title: Don’t sweat it.

Media: Handcut stencils, acrylic, paint pen, ink & spraypaint

Size: A3 watercolour paper


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