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The Seven Dwarfs – 2011 update

Do you ever think of characters from your past and think ‘Where are they now?’

Well i’ve got an update for you from the mean streets of Brixton regarding a couple of people that just about everyone knows – The Seven Dwarfs (well, two them at least!) Apparently both Sleepy and Doc moved here long ago with the very modest proceeds from the Disney movie (being new to the film industry they didn’t understand their legal rights and signed away all their potential royalties!) and they now live side by side running their own ‘small’ businesses. As you can see Sleepy runs a successful B&B whilst Doc has his own thriving medical practice. I could find little information regarding the whereabouts and well-being of the other five as there seems to have been some kind of acrimonious split following the release of the movie. Maybe time will tell…

It’s not the first time i’ve done this with fictional characters (see here for my Pinocchio update!) so i’m aware i’ve probably just got too much spare time on my hands.




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