Grotesque affection

Wow! Today has already been busy on the blog front and is looking like it’s going to continue. I have been too busy doing other things recently to keep on top of this but now i’m working for The Man again for a short while it has given me time to catch up on the bits that have slipped through the net. This one is a bit of a funny one as it’s journey to completion was in fits and starts but i’m surprisingly happy with the end result (especially if you got to see the initial stages!) What it says or does is beyond my capability for explanantion so i’ll just leave it to you to make up your own answers…

Love it or hate it i don’t care – i’m just glad she’s done and dusted as it was something of a difficult birth.



Title: Grotesque Affection

Media: Ink, spray paint, paint pen and watercolour

Size: A2


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