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Kung hei fat choi! (Happy Chinese New Year!) – 2011 – The Year of the Rabbit

As i’m sure everyone is aware – today is the Chinese New Year. And a very happy New Year to all of you!

This year it’s to be the Year of the Rabbit. Apparently people born in the year of the Rabbit are gracious, good friends, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, shy, astute, compassionate, lucky, flexible. On the downside though they can be moody, detached, superficial, self-indulgent, opportunistic and stubborn. I’m pretty sure that’s all bases covered with that one – although personally i find rabbits to be more than a little dodgy. But then what do i know?

Rabbits are those born in 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1999 and, of course, 2011.┬áHave a good one. See you next year…



Title: 2011 – Year of the Rabbit

Media: Screen print, spraypaint and stencils

Size: A3



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