Trying to do these little write-up’s can sometimes be more than a little challenging. Sometimes it’s easy and it practically writes itself but sometimes i’m just sat in front of the screen trying to find some pithy comment to make which will amuse my reader(s). ‘Zap!’ has proved to be one of the tough ones. I’ve been sat here for a while now and this is all i’ve got:

“‘Zap’ is an onomatopoeia and, as onomatopoeia go, ‘zap’ is certainly a good one.  Probably not the best but certainly up there.”

Is that really good enough? I’m of the opinion that it isn’t but like i said it’s all i’ve currently got. I could try and make up something funny about the lady in the hat but i’m just not feeling it today. Maybe i should go and do some art instead of typing away…



id-iomTitle: Zap! Zap! Zap!

Media: Screenprint, pencils, watercolour, ink and acrylic

Size: A3



Filed under art, Painting, screenprint