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Graffiti 1 – Sofa 0

A big empty billboard next to a busy road. What more could one ask for to lift the spirits on a dark and grey morning? After a bit of manic brainstorming and stencil cutting we had everything ready to rock. I was convinced that time was of the essence and that the boards would probably have new adverts on by the time we got back to them but it would appear the Gods were on our side. We donned our hi-vis jackets and set to work. I think this probably sums up the struggle to get out during the winter months when it’s really just not as fun as summer time…

Payment (of sorts) came via the loud cackling laughter we received from a car waiting at the lights behind us when we took the stencil down. It’s things like that make it all worth while!

As the sign is illuminated by night we thought we’d head back to get an evening shot too. As i wasn’t sure which i preferred i thought i’d just bang them both on.




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