For starters this picture looks much better if you are looking at it from directly above so i suppose it would probably look quite good set into a table top or something similar. Anyway, acrophobia is the irrational fear of heights. Whilst there is some evidence to suggest a certain fear of heights is inborn in all of us (along with a fear of loud noises and a fear of falling) this can be taken to extremes in some cases – and I think if i was the man who just been thrown out of the doorway i’d have a sudden and serious case of acrophobia. I’m not sure if kittens, guns and grenades would be on my mind but I suppose it’s difficult to know…



Title: Acrophobia

Media: Screenprint, spraypaint and stencils

Size: 46 x 31 cm slate


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Filed under art, Painting, screenprint, stencil

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