White Horse – Stop! Thief!

One of our favourite local boozers, The White Horse, on Brixton Hill has recently suffered a spate of pick-pockets so we were drafted in to come up with some original signs for the purpose of informing people to keep their eyes on their belongings. I think the general idea was that some original signs, rather than the generic ‘Look out for pick-pocket’ signs, may hopefully get people to pay attention and look after their things a bit better. It’s a shame as it’s a friendly place but can get pretty busy on the weekends. I suppose it is London though after all so you’ve always got to keep one eye on the game…

For anyone wondering what a ‘tea leaf’ is – it’s cockney rhyming slang for ‘thief’. We printed them on textured ‘canvas’ paper for that extra classy look. Now we’ve just got to hope they don’t get robbed themselves…



Title: White Horse pick pocket signs

Media: 6 x framed digital prints on canvas paper

Size: A4


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