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Episode 7: Vader’s Big Idea

Star Wars: Episode 6 – The Return of the Jedi saw Darth Vader die. Or did it? In fact, he lived on as a cloned version of himself and after retreating to wherever it is Dark Lords of the Sith go to make their nefarious plans he’s back with a new approach to taking over the galaxy.

In Episode 7 Vader’s back with a new shiny pimping costume and a decidedly different approach to galactic domination. Rather than an army of tough-guy clone troopers he’s decided to get himself an army made up of sexy stormtroopers (cloned from his own dead mother!) that he’s willing to hire out to whoever has the most intergalactic credits to pay. Expect to see cards similar to these in a phone box near you some time soon…



Title: Star Wars: Episode 7 – Vader’s Big Idea

Media: Screenprint and acrylic paint

Size: 10 x 15cm (postcard size)

Available from our Big Cartel store for £5


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Art Fags Cause Cancer!

We all know cigarettes can be dangerous but it turns out that art fags can cause cancer too. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Ever since i’d seen one of London’s most prolific taggers, 10 foot, go over just about everything he could with ‘Say No to Art Fags’ I had this image in my head. It has just taken it a while to make it out of there…

Those in the know may be able to tell by my subtle branding, that this  is a Molotow cigarette – which just happens to be my favourite brand. Go put that in your pipe and smoke it!



Title: Art Fags Cause Cancer (v.1)

Media: Screenprint, watercolour and paint pen

Size: 10 x 15cm (postcard size)

Available from our Big Cartel storee for £5

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Bill Posters is innocent!

When I was growing up I occasionally saw the graffiti ‘Bill Posters is innocent’ about the place and didn’t understand it until my dad explained the joke to me at some point. I reckon I must have thought he was some kind of Robin Hood figure who the police were after but had public opinion on his side. This obviously appealed to me and lodged in my mind and now, after a good deal of processing, has now manifested itself in this piece.

I selected the date of 1880 as after a little internet research it would appear that was the date the ‘Bill Posters is innocent’ joke first made it to print (apparently in The London Graphic) so it’s certainly not anything new. I like the fact it still works today though. Anyway i’ve only done wheatpasting a couple of times and now Spring is in the air (well, sort of!) I intend to remedy that so keep your eyes peeled…



Title: Prosecute This!

Media: Screenprint, stencils and spraypaint

Size: A3

Available from our Big Cartel store for £40

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