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Grandad, a bohemian grenade especially for you!

Sometimes a commission comes along that is a bit different than most other things that come our way. This one came about as we were originally commissioned to do a picture for someone’s 40th birthday present but it didn’t quite work out that way. The recipient is a big music fan and somehow this commission morphed from some kind of music themed painting to a framed set of no. 1 singles from important times in his life (birth, his 18th, his 21st and his 40th birthday).

The records in question are ‘Grandad‘ by Clive Dunn (1971), ‘Especially for you‘ by Kylie and Jason (1989), ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ by Queen (1992) and ‘Grenade‘ by Bruno Mars (2011).¬†Perhaps the most challenging bit for this was, surprisingly, coming up with a version of Grenade that we could get framed. Despite the fact that it is still in the charts, it was only released on mp3 so for a while it was looking like some kind of cover mock up would be necessary until one of our friends who works in the music industry managed to save the day and come up with this radio promo CD single version. Even though it was a different size to the other singles at least we managed to get a proper version.

The frame is easily opened from the back should the need arise for these to be played. Maybe at his 50th…



Title: Grandad, a bohemian grenade especially for you!
Media: Stencils and spraypaint around mounted no. 1 records 
Size: 58 x 58 cm

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Wha gwan ladies?

First there was the road sign, then came the rasta version commission and finally we have one for the ladies. This commission features more feminine colours, different stencils and the addition of 3 coloured glitters! It would appear that the ladies know wha gwan pon da floor after all. Rise up!



Title: Wha Gwan?
Media: Screenprint, glitter, stencils and spraypaint
Size: A3

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Things to do before you die #26

FACT OF THE DAY – Eminem sampled Chas ‘n’ Dave for his huge international hit ‘My name is‘! Apparently Chas ‘n’ Dave were reputable session musicians in the 70’s and worked on Labi Siffre‘s song ‘I got the’ – which is sampled by Eminem. Kudos!

I’m not entirely sure what the preceding 25 things you are meant to have done before you die are but number 26 is, apparently, to go and see Chas ‘n Dave in concert. And if you haven’t done already then you’ve missed your chance – and also your chance to cross #26 off your list of things to do – as this framed ticket was from their farewell tour earlier in the year. Maybe a huge amount of money could get them to reform for a one off concert in your back yard – but i doubt it! I’ll update you on the other 25 when i have the chance to find out more…



Title: Things to do before you die #26
Media: Stencils and spraypaint with mounted Chas 'n Dave ticket 
Size: 20 x 26cm

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