Turbo the Astral Drunk

In some societies it is believed that astral projection is only attained after years of intense practice by the most skilled meditative practitioners. This however is not the only way this esteemed state can be reached as it would seem that years of drinking methylated spirits out of an old cider bottle has led Turbo to a shortcut whereby he can project his astral self at will (provided he’s drunk).

There have been yoga practitioners who have managed to reach the dizzy heights of yogic perfection without ever having a lesson (as shown below) but, if you’ll believe Turbo (if you manage to catch him in one of his more lucid states) he will go on at length about his skill in astral projection – and is even willing to demonstrate – as long as you provide him with a suitable fee…



Title: Turbo the Astral Drunk
Media: Acrylic, glitter, googly eyes, diamantes, stencils and spraypaint
Size: A2

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