A right royal day off!

Our latest print is currently a work in progress as we are collaborating with the fantastic Mimilove on getting  a little memento together to celebrate the second 4 day weekend this year! She is currently at work on them in her secret lab and the stitch-tastic results are expected shortly…

Now, as i’m sure we all know, the reptilian Babylonian Brotherhood (as espoused by former TV presenter turned divine prophet David Icke) secretly rule the planet and the royal family are an intrinsic part of the cabal (hence my ever so delicate reference to this with corgi headed William’s choice of lapel accessory). Lucky ol’ Kate has just married into this esteemed group and i imagine that we can expect her transition to reptilian overlord sometime very soon…

Bring on the (lizard) Queen’s diamond jubilee next year – another 4 day weekend to look forward to!



Title: A right royal day off (phase 1)
Media: Screenprint, stencils and spraypaint
Size: A3

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Filed under art, funny, in progress, Painting, screenprint, stencil

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