Team id-iom bananeira

If you ever tried doing a handstand (without the aid of a wall) then you’ll know how tricky it can be to not come crashing down on your head. I know this through experience although thankfully I was very drunk at the time so managed to avoid serious injury by the expedient of having drunken invulnerability turned up to max. It didn’t however prevent me from breaking my wrist a short time later whilst falling through my own hotel door. That level of protection can only last so long. One second the door was closed. The next it was open and I was falling through. Thankfully it was my left wrist and i’m right handed. It’s the ones that take you by surprise that hurt the most…

Anyway this young lady is representing ‘Team id-iom’ in her fancy top and knickers by doing a death-defying handstand (or bananeira if you do capoeira) on top of a box. Which is probably more than you can do. As you can probably tell she seems to be a lot more proficient than I ever will be although I can only hope she comes crashing down some time soon. Nobody likes a show off after all….



Title: Team id-iom bananeira
Media: Stencil, spraypaint & paint pen
Size: Approx 1.5m x 2.5m


Filed under art, funny, Graffiti, Painting, stencil, street art

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