Beauty is only skin deep

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

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As the Temptations sang in 1966 – ‘beauty is only skin deep‘. Now whilst I can appreciate a pretty lady as much as the next man this is definitely something of a truism. Surely we’ve all known someone who is the epitome of this – beautiful and lithe but also vain, arrogant and stupid. Ultimately somebody who steadfastly proceeds to shatter any preconceptions you may have had about them being beautiful. It’s people like this who just go to show that beautiful on the outside doesn’t necessarily correlate to beauty on the inside. Thinking about it though I reckon the converse is also true so you have to be careful. Just because someone isn’t physical beauty personified hardly makes them the nicest person in the world now does it? It’s a tricky world out there…

Saying that though in a world of 7 billion people there must be some people out there who are almost perfect humans – beautiful, clever and modest. But saying that they must be few and far between and i doubt it’s very easy to find them as they’re already probably the girlfriend of your local Russian oligarch



Title: Beauty is only skin deep (detail)
Media: Stencil, spraypaint & acrylic 
Size: Approx 75 cm x  150 cm

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