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It’s that time of year again when we pack our kit and take a roadtrip to Bristol for the annual paintstravaganza that is UPfest. I have also just had something of a morale boost as I’ve checked the weather and it’s looking lovely on both Saturday and Sunday – which is definitely good as we’ve given ourselves a fairly experimental design to go for which will require us to be working on both days – if we manage to get it all finished in time!

This is certainly a weekend to be looking foward to especially with good weather predicted and plenty of friends to catch up with. We’ll be painting at the Spotted Cow pub (a pub? like that’s a good idea!) – and hope to see you there…

Below are our efforts from previous years – and a little taster of what we are preparing for this year’s wall. In 2009 we were working by the river and came up with ‘Love is like a 9mm slug to the heart‘ and then last year we painted ‘No colour above plimsoll line‘.

We’ve also got an idea for a video to go with this one which, if  we manage to get all the footage we need to, should be top shelf all the way. Watch this space…



2011 preparation – Painting by numbers





2010 piece – No colour above plimsoll line

2009 piece – Love is like a 9mm slug to the heart

UPfest 2011 flyer


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