Upfest 2011 – mysterious goings on…

The Tobacco Factory in Bedminster Bristol duri...

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We got back from another succesful UPfest in Bristol last night and were just glad that we managed to get the bulk of our work done on Saturday – when the sun was shining, the crowds were plentiful and the beer was flowing. Sunday turned out to be a different story but at least we managed to get our piece completed and still had time for a good look around.

After an early start on Saturday morning (following some feverish last minute preparations) we managed to make it to the Tobacco Factory for about 11.30 and then onto the Spotted Cow for a midday start. As we were a little late in arriving we got no choice in which boards we got but i think that eventually worked out to our advantage. Once we’d got disco-bag set up we got off to a quick start as we had plenty of work to be getting on with. By about 8pm we were pretty much done for the day so packed our stuff up and headed out for a few (more) beers. Whoever thought of putting us within such easy reach of alcohol in a pub garden certainly has a lot to answer for…

After a night on the town and a very rainy start to the day we return to the Spotted Cow to finish up to find that that some rogue decorators had obviously taken umbrage at our piece and had decided to show us a taste of our own medicine by wallpapering over the whole lot of it! It would also appear that the Grey Ghost Guards were around in the area (possibly in collusion with the rogue decorators) and looking to have our piece cleaned off the wall. Luckily we have some security footage so all will be revealed once we’ve had a chance to examine it and identify the perpatrators…

Anyway we did our best to remove the wallpaper and expose our image underneath resulting in a decayed and battered looking wall with the legend ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. I’ll get those pesky Daily Mail reading rogue decorators and Grey Ghost Guard critters if it’s the last thing i do…

For larger versions of any of the images please visit our flickr page.




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