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Where you wheelie bin?

Once the idea for ‘Where you wheelie bin?’ crept into my head i knew there was no going back. It comes from a joke my dad used to tell us which revolved around a misunderstanding of the line ‘Where you wheelie bin?’

The line obviously suggested placement on a wheelie bin and i think the coup de grace was coming up with the QR code which links to a version of the joke on the internet. How very technically advanced this little jape is! I was just going to leave you to work our how to read the QR code on your own but as someone pointed out there are probably relatively few people with a QR code reader on their phone so I’ll give you the link that the QR code takes you to – click here

I think as a trial run/initial idea i think this works well and so now we just need to take it to the next level. Watch this space!




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