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Like a bullet to the head…

Howstrake Camp. It looks an unlikely spot, but...

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Okay, it’s Monday morning, it’s British summertime  and the sun is shining for once. What a nice change that makes. To further delight you we have a short video made at an abandoned location on the Isle of Man featuring some of our work and some work from the wonderful Stedhead. I think my favourite touch is the addition of a bullet hole in the head of a character we painted a while ago. I have also linked to the video of us painting the character in question which is the bottom video.






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Monopoly – Brixton stylee!

“Featuring some of Brixton’s more notable addresses – such as Billa’s 24hour booze, Happy Shopper and The Sultan – this is an exciting game that will bring long, tedious hours of ‘fun’ for all the family. Brought to you by id-iom and Parker Brothers

We’ve just finished up our 1m x 1m Brixton Monopoly commission and are pretty pleased with the final result – especially considering how long this one managed to take. After a load of emails back and forth we came up with a finished design which incorporated elements from various international editions of Monopoly, some invented elements and a load of place names from around Brixton which had significance to the client. As they live near to us all the locations (including Billa’s 24hr booze and Pizza Man) are somewhat familiar to me too…

Despite the fact they are known to me many spaces on the board are undoubtedly unfamiliar to just about everyone else. If, however, you do happen to be know all the place names and are particularly eagle-eyed you may even notice that we even arranged the squares so that they are grouped together logically (i.e by location and/or function) and the board follows a circuit from locations at the bottom of Brixton up to the top of Brixton Hill.

By far the biggest problem was how to go about doing the small lettering for the place names so that it was the correct size and font whilst still being clearly legible. Using stencils was out as they would have been problematic and time-consuming to cut and wouldn’t have guaranteed the level of clarity which I felt was necessary. So we then had to experiment in order to come up with something that would work to our satisfaction. After a bit of research and some failed attempts en route we came upon the world of gel medium transfers which, once you’ve got the hang of it, gives a nice clean transfer – albeit with a little residue from the gel medium left on the canvas but I felt this was an adequate compromise given some of the other methods tried…

Once all the lettering was on it was largely downhill from there although it was relatively slow work due to the fact that any mistakes would be highly visible – so I had to be careful to make none. Thankfully it all passed with hardly a hitch although I was conscious that doing the line work last would only lead to higher stress levels until it was all safely completed as one small slip would have probably set me back a fair bit.

Below are a few in progress shots for those that like that kind of thing.



Title: Monopoly (Brixton edition)

Media: Spraypaint, stencils, paint pen, gel medium and varnish

Size: 1m x 1m deep edge canvas







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The funk of forty thousand years…

It’s amazing what a little musical inspiration, some cardboard and a camera can get you. I reckon this is a good case in point. There i was, minding my own business listening to Thriller on the stereo when the muse came down and whispered a plan in my ear. A short while later I had myself an authentic Michael Jackson gravestone and a zombie hand. A homage to Thriller it was to be.

I was originally intending to get this out on the anniversary of Jacko’s untimely demise but unfortunately Glastonbury got in the way so I present it now rather than wait until next time. You should definitely watch the video again in all it’s 14 minute glory. Top notch stuff.



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I’m a mole and I live in a hole…

Holey Moley!

There’s not really too much to say about this one other than I was already doing some bits on cardboard and was intending to go and take some photo’s so thought a mole escaping from his underground burrow would make a good shot. More of an experiment in execution than anything else. At least (i think) I’m getting better with the camera and now even know what some (but definitely not all) the dials and buttons do. I’m not entirely sure what I make of it myself other than Mr Mole looks remarkably happy to be free from his subterranean prison. I think i’ll just leave it at that…



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Happy Days

Despite the fact I grew up by the sea I have never been surfing – but then it was the Isle of Man which is hardly renowned for it’s world beating surf. Anyway, we have recently been asked if we’d like to feature some of our work in the upcoming Happy Days 2012 diary. The Happy Days diary is an Australian created diary focusing on ‘oceans, surf, art and the environment’.

As we already had some of our work in the 2011 edition, combined with the fact we are hardly over-exposed in Australasian market we thought we’d go for it again. Obviously the 2012 edition won’t be available until later in the year but if it sounds like your cup of tea you can visit Happy Days diary for further information.

I have included a couple of images from the 2011 diary (which i thought we’d already blogged about – but it appears not) so with any luck we’ll be making it large Down Under some time soon…




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Never mind the length, feel the quality…

After our initial trip to Southport for the inaugural UpNorthFest earlier in the year we had a few wheatpastes left which we didn’t manage to get round to pasting up. So instead we send them up to Optik Nerve – our man on the scene in Southport – who kindly agreed to get them up for us. Many thanks to him for getting them up and getting some photos for us.

As Southport pier is the second longest pier in the UK (after the 2km pier in Southend-on-Sea) we decided on the slightly tongue in cheek slogan of ‘Never mind the length, feel the quality’ above a stencilled image of sunrise at the pier. Surely Southport tourist board couldn’t have done better themselves?



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It’s all just vandalism…

We haven’t posted all that much in the last couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy – ‘cos we have! We have done a design for an invite to a Channel 4 event which is so top secret that we aren’t even allowed to post a version of the image (even after the event) in case the bad man finds out about it and we have also been commissioned to do some ‘interior decoration’ at a brand new bar that is opening in Brixton soon. Hopefully we’ll have some more details about this soon as they are due to open in a month or so and we need to get some top quality designs together before then. We’ve also got a couple of 1m x 1m commissions on the go which have been taking up a fair wedge of our time recently. I’m hoping we’ll have some results in the next few days…

So after that little catch up we now move onto the weather. July in the UK eh? You’ve just got to love it. For the past few days we’ve been aiming to hit the streets with a little music inspired intervention but the weather keeps beating us to it. With any luck we’ll have some decent weather again before winter kicks in…

Anyway, onto today’s piece. Surely everyone likes a pretty girl who is flashing (her smile i mean, obviously) at them? Well I for one certainly do and i’m pretty sure i’m not alone. I’ve added just a little colour on this one but wanted to keep it minimal. Maybe i’ll add a bit more to the next one…



Title: It's all just vandalism
Media: Screenprint and paint
Size: A3
Available for £40

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