It’s all just vandalism…

We haven’t posted all that much in the last couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy – ‘cos we have! We have done a design for an invite to a Channel 4 event which is so top secret that we aren’t even allowed to post a version of the image (even after the event) in case the bad man finds out about it and we have also been commissioned to do some ‘interior decoration’ at a brand new bar that is opening in Brixton soon. Hopefully we’ll have some more details about this soon as they are due to open in a month or so and we need to get some top quality designs together before then. We’ve also got a couple of 1m x 1m commissions on the go which have been taking up a fair wedge of our time recently. I’m hoping we’ll have some results in the next few days…

So after that little catch up we now move onto the weather. July in the UK eh? You’ve just got to love it. For the past few days we’ve been aiming to hit the streets with a little music inspired intervention but the weather keeps beating us to it. With any luck we’ll have some decent weather again before winter kicks in…

Anyway, onto today’s piece. Surely everyone likes a pretty girl who is flashing (her smile i mean, obviously) at them? Well I for one certainly do and i’m pretty sure i’m not alone. I’ve added just a little colour on this one but wanted to keep it minimal. Maybe i’ll add a bit more to the next one…



Title: It's all just vandalism
Media: Screenprint and paint
Size: A3
Available for £40

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One response to “It’s all just vandalism…

  1. shine

    Cool space, would love a room in that

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