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Welcome to the Karma Hotel – it looks like heaven but it could be hell!

The dungeon

The view from the dungeon

The hallway

Growing kit left by previous occupants...

Main front room

Side room one (there is side room two but we failed to get a decent photo...)

The oh-so-glamourous staircase

Store room - just perfect for cans

Screenprinting wash out room


Welcome to our new studio! Like The Spooks sang in Karma Hotel ‘it looks like heaven but could be hell’. I’m sure only artists will salivate over the five room basement space which is certainly in a slight state of disrepair but couldn’t be more perfect for our needs. We are allowed to make as much mess as we like into the bargain too! Winner. Words can barely express how happy this all makes me…

We have finally got enough space to get all our screen-printing equipment out and whatever else we have squirreled away. The place even comes with an impeccable pedigree as it used to be both a squat and cannabis factory! We still have the holes they knocked in walls for ventilation between rooms which will make for a handy ‘intercom’ system. And to top it all off it’s only 10 mins from home.

Now we just need to get onto Freecycle to find some furniture (and whatever else we can get) to fill our new gaff. Expect more pics as and when we get round to ‘decorating’ the place. Once we’ve got our friendly builder to pop round and help construct us a makeshift table and install a tap we are good to go.

Expect good things to come…



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