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The lack/love of money is the root of all evil

The lack of money is the root of all evil - Paperwallet front side

The love of money is the root of all evil - Paperwallet back side

I’m not sure if you’ve come across Tyvek before but it’s a pretty cool material and is exactly what the Paperwallets are made of. It’s breathable but waterproof and is very strong and difficult to tear but easy to cut (with a knife or scissors). And it takes a screenprint very nicely too.

The guys from Paperwallet got in touch and asked if we’d like to design a couple of wallets for them so we thought we’d give it a shot. I already had the idea of using ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ but then found the similar-but-kind-of-opposite quote  ‘the lack of money is the root of all evil’ (which i can find attributed to both George Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain – take your pick!) I can see sense in both these statements to some degree or other so surely the best stance should be to respect money as a necessary evil of which you need some – but not too much! And this is where the wallet comes in handy – to remind you of this from time to time…

We’ve got one more wallet in the pipeline so expect something new soon.





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And so you call me happy

So here’s the picture i was talking about in the last post which i’ve now managed to finish with no thanks to those pesky zombie drums…

As you can tell this picture has a clown in it. I think this might be my fourth picture with a clown in it and despite the fact I think i’ve been doing them as some form of therapy I still don’t like them, not one stinking bit. Have you seen the film ‘It’? OK, ignore the last bit in the film where it turns into a big useless spider that gets defeated by an earring but all the bits before that are scary as hell. This clown is only a juvenile though so isn’t as scary as he could possibly be but i’m sure he could still give you quite a fright if he popped out at a surprise birthday party. That said he looks a little depressed which means he would probably be sat by the bar getting drunk anyway and i’m sure as you walk passed to go to the toilet all you would hear him mutter is ‘And so you call me happy…’



Title: And so you call me happy
Media: Spraypaint and acrylic
Size: 1m x 1m canvas

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Dead soul sister

Dead Soul Sister

There I was getting on with a picture (which i’m sure you’ll see soon enough) when I heard was the sound of distant zombie drums. I tried using some artist grade gel medium that i found in a box to block out the sound but soon found to my dismay that it took about an hour to set. The drumming was getting louder and before i knew it I had the cans out and was spraying on the nearest wall i could find…
Sure enough the drums were, once again, forcing me to back to work. Not really sure what I was doing it ends up that i was channeling a dead soul sister from 1876 who forced me to paint her craven image on the wall. It’s funny how your day works out sometimes isn’t it…



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The Inbetweener…

The Inbetweener

Recipe for a top shelf birthday gift…

Ingredients: A3 paper, spraypaint, stencils and ink

To begin with you need to create a background for the piece. This can be done to taste using a combination of stencils and screenprinting (and any other techniques you like) on a blank sheet of high quality A3 paper. You can then leave this to dry.

Then you need to rustle up an idea for the main print. In this instance an idea suggested itself and refused to go away. It then became simply a matter of realising this in  design form. This was to be a combination of a couple of the birthday boy’s favourite things in one spectacular screenprint. The Inbetweeners was undoubtedly his no.1 unmissable TV show and the word ‘Kapow’ is clearly top of his favourite word list. Once you have spiced up the content a little by throwing Hitler getting punched into the mix you just know you’ve got the makings of a top shelf birthday gift.

At this stage you need to turn to the dark art of screenprinting. If you are anything like me this will usually lead to a few exclamations of ‘clunge’, ‘screenprint wanker’ (or something very similar) whilst trying to prepare the screen. Once you have it all set up just right you need to throw caution to the wind and try printing on your pre-made background. This can be the most frustrating stage as an error means restarting and having to come up with a new background…

Assuming you pass this stage you then leave it all to dry for a while and there you have it. A fresh and tasty birthday gift.



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Paste it up!

Mupan sits. And thinks.

Mupan gets ready for war

Mupan flexes.

SMILE - pasted in Paris

Bill Posters telling you like it is

Just check my jaunty angle! Giving it to the man by refusing to be straight!

Opportunity dances with those already on the floor!

Round 2! Bill telling it like it is again.

Pure white baby!

With the feeling that Summer is definitely on it’s way out we thought it best to hit the streets with a few pieces as they were beginning to build up a little and it’s not really a job i relish in wintertime. With that thought in mind we took a wander round the East End and also made our way south of the river. We even had a little international help and managed to get some pieces up in Paris and Sao Paulo just to round things off. I think my favourite pieces are the ones featuring our little character who we’ve just christened as Mupan. We first used him here but I think you can expect to see a little more of him if you keep your eyes peeled…




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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

After months in production id-iom is very proud to announce our newest video. Ladies and gentlemen may i present to you ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Featuring id-iom, Grey Ghost security and the Anti-graffiti squad this is one that has to be seen to be believed. Filmed in front of a live audience at UPfest 2011 you’ll wonder just how we managed to come up with such a high concept project… Just maximise the screen, turn up the sound, kick back and relax.

Once you’ve watched it you’ll realise why i’ve been fielding calls from excited Hollywood agents all morning. We’ll be giving up this art lark and becoming A listers just as soon as we can find a script we like. For some deleted stills (mainly of the grey ghost securty guard – his performance was just too wooden!) you can find them on our Flickr UPfest page.



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Life lesson learned

Now then. We’ve all learned life lessons and if you are anything like me it’s usually the hard way. This commission was based on events which took place almost 20 years ago but, i think, gave those involved an appreciation of the dangers inherent in committing any crime. Imagine, if you will, that we are back in the heady of days of the early 90’s and you have just spent all your money on a copy of Shaq Fu (or something very similar) for your shiny new Super Nintendo games console.

After taking it home and playing it for 20 minutes you realise it’s one of the worst games ever created so you take it back to the shop with a story that it was a birthday gift and you already have a copy so please can you get your money back. The store insists they can only issue a credit note for the value of the game so after realising they won’t budge you grudgingly agree to accepting the £7 credit note.

By the time you get back home with the credit note in your sweaty palm a plan has already formed in your mind. With calm efficiency you add a zero after the £7 and then add the letters ‘ty’ after seven. Hey presto! You’ve suddenly got yourself a credit note for £70! Easy.

Now all that’s needed is an accomplice to go back to the shop and buy up more booty they you could dream of. After enlisting the help of an innocent young friend the game is on. The purchase itself goes smoothly so it is apparently a done deal. It’s only when you get home that the phone rings and the manager of the store is asking for an explanation why the credit note that has just been used doesn’t match their copy of it. Uh oh! The jig is up and it’s only due to luck that the police aren’t involved and it can all be sorted with a hasty return of goods, a sincere apology and a promise never to do such things again. Life lesson learned.



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We’re going to rock down to Electric Social – and then we’ll take it higher!

id-iom's How to Get Your Man at the Electric Social

Electric Social downstairs wall

Electric Social dripping bulb logo

Electric Social cassette

Crack squirrel on bar


Gotta make it home for Eastenders!

Magpie on doorway - looking just a little shifty...

He doesn't look so shifty from a distance

A slightly worried looking rabbit. He knows what the squirrels are up to...

King Stoat

Mick the magpie looking for a good holiday read

Owl in the woodland

You have to look close but he's there...

Your lunch smells lovely...

Magpie in the woodland

There's a mouse! Where? There on the stair!

Since when can squirrels read?

Aha! That's why she has that enigmatic smile. Because of the cute squirrel.

We’ve been a little quiet of late but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! We have in fact been very busy working with dangerous animals and giant stencils on a new bar that has opened in Brixton.

The Electric Social on Acre Lane is now open for business and looking spiffing – complete with id-iom enhanced interior! Downstairs we have done a 10 metre section of downstairs wall with an Electric Social lightbulb wallpaper and a big piece over it entitled ‘id-iom’s How to Get Your Man’. Then upstairs we have done a large Electric Social cassette tape behind the stage. Scattered throughout we have painted numerous happy woodland animals. There’s mice, rats, magpies, a stoat and an owl. Unfortunately there’s a couple of bad eggs that have slipped in too – as the bloody squirrels have only been at the crack again! They’ll be chewing on the wiring again before you know it…

The Brixton crack squirrels were actually inspired by a couple of ‘true’ stories (I use true in the loosest sense of the word – mainly that it was reported by The Guardian and The Sun newspapers).

NEWS JUST IN – it’s been confirmed that one of my favourite DJ’sA Skillz – will be playing at the the grand opening of the Electric Social on Friday 30th September. Now I just hope they were serious about that bar tab for us…



PS – You can see bigger shots of all the work on our Flickr page (plus a couple of extra shots not uploaded here)


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After dark…

After dark...

After Dark… It sounds like a tagline from a dark chocolate or booze advert doesn’t it? Well it’s not. It’s a picture done mainly in black featuring a somewhat freaky face. How much more spooky and after dark do you want to go? We could go further but it’s not recommended…



Title: After Dark
Media: Spraypaint, chalk, collage and acrylic
Paper size: A3


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