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Dead soul sister

Dead Soul Sister

There I was getting on with a picture (which i’m sure you’ll see soon enough) when I heard was the sound of distant zombie drums. I tried using some artist grade gel medium that i found in a box to block out the sound but soon found to my dismay that it took about an hour to set. The drumming was getting louder and before i knew it I had the cans out and was spraying on the nearest wall i could find…
Sure enough the drums were, once again, forcing me to back to work. Not really sure what I was doing it ends up that i was channeling a dead soul sister from 1876 who forced me to paint her craven image on the wall. It’s funny how your day works out sometimes isn’t it…




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The Inbetweener…

The Inbetweener

Recipe for a top shelf birthday gift…

Ingredients: A3 paper, spraypaint, stencils and ink

To begin with you need to create a background for the piece. This can be done to taste using a combination of stencils and screenprinting (and any other techniques you like) on a blank sheet of high quality A3 paper. You can then leave this to dry.

Then you need to rustle up an idea for the main print. In this instance an idea suggested itself and refused to go away. It then became simply a matter of realising this in  design form. This was to be a combination of a couple of the birthday boy’s favourite things in one spectacular screenprint. The Inbetweeners was undoubtedly his no.1 unmissable TV show and the word ‘Kapow’ is clearly top of his favourite word list. Once you have spiced up the content a little by throwing Hitler getting punched into the mix you just know you’ve got the makings of a top shelf birthday gift.

At this stage you need to turn to the dark art of screenprinting. If you are anything like me this will usually lead to a few exclamations of ‘clunge’, ‘screenprint wanker’ (or something very similar) whilst trying to prepare the screen. Once you have it all set up just right you need to throw caution to the wind and try printing on your pre-made background. This can be the most frustrating stage as an error means restarting and having to come up with a new background…

Assuming you pass this stage you then leave it all to dry for a while and there you have it. A fresh and tasty birthday gift.



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