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Forged by the Glitter of Gold

Ah, Friday again! Where have you been hiding all week? Fresh off the block today we have the rather large ‘Forged by the Glitter of Gold’ which comes in at an impressive 100 x 70cm. Frankly, being forged by the glitter of anything is pretty good in my book but to be forged by the glitter of gold is surely top shelf all the way.
Forged by the Glitter of Gold – 100 x 70cm
The title comes from an early 20th Century rag time song which i happened to find in a box of stuff from my Grandma. It’s a shame I can’t play the piano as i’d love to have a little rattle on the old ebony and ivories of ‘Forged by the Glitter of Gold’ as with a title like that it has to be a bobby belter of a song. That said i don’t have a piano at home so i’d have to find one in a pub somewhere nearby and give all their customers something that they had never heard before. Maybe something like this. In fact this guy is probably a little to good for me.




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