The King Blues – Glastonbury 2011

The King Blues drum stick - Glastonbury 2011

There we were stood at Glastonbury earlier this year when the youngest member of our troupe announces that she is off to watch The King Blues and would anyone like to go with her. After a little conferring it was decided that it would probably too much effort for anyone to wrangle up the necessary energy to accompany her so it was suggested that perhaps she was old enough now to fly solo.

With barely a backward glance she was off and a further conference produced the conclusion that that would probably be the last time we’d see her for a good few hours. With a skill akin to GPS she unerringly tracked us down again an hour or two later only to regale us with tales of the good time she’d had and the great band we’d all missed. And to prove it she was clutching the drum stick that she’d managed to get after it was thrown to the baying crowd. As I had a backpack with me I took control of the drum stick and as this is the first time she will have seen it since then I thought it only fair to get it framed up to commemorate the occassion. Bring on Glasto 2013!




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