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id-iom’s Graffiti Contract

If you sign it – then you’re in, it’s as simple as that!! We don’t mess about. This is ironclad!

Now i know anyone who is going to get out and do some graff doesn’t need to sign a contract as you’re already out there doing it but this is for all those people who sit on their sofas wishing they could get out and do something but don’t. This is for all those people who need to put their money where their mouth is. This contract is for me.

I need to sign it because as deepest winter sets in i can come up with a number of excuses to sit indoors and do nothing apart from playing the xbox, reading a book or cooking a stew. Ok i’ve never cooked a stew in my life but i’m sure i could learn as an excuse to not go outside into the freezing cold.

And it’s exactly for these reasons that i will both distribute and sign this contract. Also i don’t know who this 2can is but credit to him for getting out and hitting the streets…




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