Dead bad shot

Dead bad shot

You can’t help but notice that Christmas is on it’s way now. We are inundated with strange & nonsensical perfume and supermarket ad’s, there’s Christmas songs playing non-stop and I also heard some carol singers this morning (I actually quite like carol singers and they are one of the things i like about Christmas). All this accompanied by freezing conditions and high winds. What other time of year could it possibly be? To throw our santa’s hat into the ring we bring you ‘Dead Bad Shot’. I think perhaps the only festive thing about it is the fact that it features a lot of red. Like Santa’s outfit or Rudolph’s nose.  And blood.

This one is definitely from left field and is probably some kind of portal into my tar black soul. I’m probably baring my innermost fears and don’t even know about it. I’m sure a psychiatrist could probably have more fun with this than the old Rorschach test. Anyway I have to go as there are other dark and creepy thoughts just begging to be let out of my head and set down on paper. Toodle pip for now!




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