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Superhero stuff…

I never really read superhero stuff as a kid

The funny thing about this piece is that i did read superhero stuff as a kid. Ha! Hey, irony, try that one on for size! I have a huge treasure trove of comics stashed away at home, an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of comic trivia and have even worked at a comics publisher. So there. Anyway, i digress. Today’s offering proved a little troublesome as we weren’t quite sure of what to do with her face. Have it blank like a superhero mask? After a few different attempts we ended up with the current ‘blank with teeth’ minimal look but I think it looks better than the other iterations so i’m sticking with it this time…

I’m not sure if you will have seen a film called Super (which i quite enjoyed – maybe i should start doing film reviews too?) but the girl in this picture reminds me of his female sidekick Boltie (played by Ellen Page). The short clip at the bottom is from Super and pretty much sums up the tone of the film – so if you like the clip you’ll probably like the film.



Ellen Page as Boltie in Super



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