Cliff was visibly upset…

Cliff was visibly upset...

Cliff was visibly upset...

After a highly enjoyable Christmas and predictably long New Year it’s down to earth with a bump and on with the business of dealing with a brand new year. I can only hope that 2012 is a good one. Bring it on…

First up for the year we have ‘Cliff was visibly upset…’. After much debate and the consideration of far more serious titles (such as ‘Tears are the noble language of the eyes’) we finally decided that ‘Cliff was visibly upset…’ was the one to go with. As these rock faces are in a position where they are subjected to the worst the weather can offer for many months of the year we thought it a suitable title.

I will hopefully be able to come up with some more pithy and amusing blog posts as my brain warms up again over the next few days so apologies for this missive which is, even by my low standards, somewhat lacking. I was really rather hoping my first post of the new year would be certified internet gold but i suppose that now at least i’ve got something to work on.




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