For the family

For the Family

Now this is our second time at painting on doors and it’s definitely worked out to be trickier than first envisaged… That’s not because I dislike painting doors it’s just that the last two we happened to womble across ended up being the biggest, heaviest and most impractical doors in existence. It’s not like you look inconspicuous walking down the street with an ultra heavy painted door so that’s why I thought i’d take the first shot in the studio and will upload another when i have the necessary manpower to get it out on the street. That said though if i keep watching The World’s Strongest Man on Channel 5 i might just give it a go solo. After a quick chat with someone yesterday we realised we haven’t done anything for Free Art Friday for a while – so this will be out on Friday. Although it will probably take a two man squad to retrieve it!

As to the picture itself it comes from a member of our family who sent through some pictures of his arm so we could design some tattoos for him, needless to say he chose all of our designs and some time early this year will be having a full sleeve tattooed of our designs. I can’t wait for that one i can tell you. Charles we salute you! Watch this space…




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