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Free Art Friday

For the Family

For the Family on Free Art Friday

As promised just the other day it’s Free Art Friday so we’ve hit the streets with our little contribution. When i say little, i don’t mean it of course as retrieving the door is definitely a two man job. But it’s free (if you can find it) so you can’t really complain. Also, we neglected to show a picture of the reverse side of the door which we have signed (sort of) so I can remedy that right now for you…

White Elephant




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I told you our squirrels were trouble…

I told you our squirrels were trouble...

I’ve mentioned the squirrels around here before. They’ve even been in the newspapers – and here’s a little coverage from The Guardian to prove it! Anyway, believe me when I say they are bad. Real trouble. So there I was walking through the park when I get the feeling I’m being watched. I cast a furtive eye over the benches near me when I see him sat there, just staring at me and emitting a low guttural noise that doesn’t sound very friendly at all. A second glance reveals the empty cans and cigarette (or joint – who knows?) As I quicken my step I chance once last glance behind me and he seems to be chuckling to himself with an evil glint in his eyes. Making my way home apace I could have sworn I could hear rustling sounds behind me but couldn’t see anything. I just concentrated on finding my keys…

At least he hadn’t been on the crack. They are always worse. I’m not sure if I’ll be walking that way again…



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