Zombies this way (Free Art Friday)

Zombies this way...

Zombies this way...

We all know the countless problems the living dead can cause so sometimes it helps to be prepared with handy signs pointing the way to the hungry zombie hordes. This is especially useful if you’re tooled up with the latest in double barrelled shotgun technology. Just remember not to let them get too close – and never let your guard down! The blood spatters pay testament to someone who forgot that…

It may be late in the day but it’s still Friday (I checked) so this definitely still counts as Free Art Friday! We will hopefully have a couple of pieces appearing in this evening’s feature on Free Art Friday on the Culture Show (BBC 2 @ 7pm) so keep your eyes peeled.




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Filed under art, Cardboard, Graffiti, Painting, screenprint, stencil, street art

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